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We're a small web development company based in Bucharest, Romania.
With our wide array of white-label services we can provide a complete solution for customers, allowing them to grow and improve their business.
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Our services
We provide complete web development services, covering the whole development process from planning to release. During the development cycle we use a quick feedback loop, so any additional requests can be implemented fast. Post-release services are available as well.
We convert business requirements into plans for software development and implementation. We provide technical advice that can ensure proper scaling or allow extensibility for future needs.
We manage web hosting for our customers, using cloud hosting providers that allow us to scale services on demand. We provide high availability, data redundancy and we respond promptly in case of service degradation.
We offer application support (how to use the application), technical support (there's a bug) and emergency support (something stopped working). Support is offered through email, but for application support we can hold in-person presentations and for emergency support we're available over the phone or online chat.
We can help with improving loading times, optimize resource usage and reduce bandwidth waste. We can find performance bottlenecks and provide solutions.
All our services and products are marked as white label, which means you can brand them as your own. You will have full rights over the developed product and you will own the source code, not just a license.
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